Working with clay is like an addiction to me, or a labour of love. My hobby is constantly evolving. I’m always experimenting with new techniques, such as using metal salts to give my pots a watercolor like decoration or using transfer of black-and-white print media to give my work an aged print look. My development of special glazes is a work in progress. I also love the touch of white raw porcelain which I like to give a sculpted surface. I’ve been experimenting with coloured slip and who knows where that will take me. Presently, all of my time is spent sculpting in clay.

I grew up in Switzerland but have lived in Canada for over forty years where I've raised a family. In my former life I was a biology lab instructor. I hold a BSc in molecular biology and environmental toxicology from SFU. I am retired and enjoying my work with clay, my potters club, my naturalists club, my yoga, walking, kayaking or biking with my husband and most of all spending time with my children and grandchildren. I also like to lend a hand for a worthwhile cause such as amnesty international or cancer research.